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The most important things you need to know
in a fraction of the time.

Answers that
come to you.

We’ve all been there – digging through dashboards and spreadsheets trying to keep up with the latest information. By the time we identify an issue the opportunity has passed.

The Revere difference can help you:

Deep Scanning

Identifying changes to the underlying issues that drive your KPI’s.

Continuous Analysis

Ongoing monitoring across your data sets.

“Perishable insights can have exponentially
more value than after-the-fact traditional
historical analytics.”

Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst Forrester Research Fast Data

Speed matters.

Get the answers you need now – teams that automate data monitoring have the power to respond faster to the latest information. Find out how teams are outpacing the competition with continuous monitoring of their business data.

Your data

BYO Warehouse,
or we’ll set it up for you.

Always watching

Monitoring data
as it changes

Insights delivered

Including context and next steps
via email, chat or in Revere

We’ll help you keep an eye on things.

The amount of data you have to manage keeps growing and it’s rich with information that drives your business. We’re here to help get the most useful information to your team faster.

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Streamlined analysis at scale with custom alerting and next steps across your data sets.

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