As this year comes to a close, we want to tell you about what’s new with Revere and what’s up next for us in 2019. But first, let’s start by sharing a few thoughts on the industry and why it matters to focus on your data strategy in the coming year.

Your company is a data company.

The more your company adopts this idea, the stronger it will become. WeWork isn’t worth $45 billion just because it rents co-working space. It constantly collects and leverages data about how people interact with the spaces in order to optimize the tenant experience. Uber makes data-driven decisions at every level of the company using over 100 petabytes of data, including how to manage ride demand and how to get more driver signups. BuzzFeed didn’t disrupt the media landscape just through cat videos. It built an engine where creators respond to information about how people are engaging with content. What these high-growth companies realize is that business intelligence is the top differentiating technology. It drives more effective strategy and attracts more investment. (Source: 2018 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey).

The companies that disrupt and thrive are those that have a strong data culture — processing new information and quickly putting it to good use. They don’t just collect a lot of data, they operationalize it. They make it actionable.

What does it really mean to make data actionable? As the above examples illustrate, it’s about tightly integrating data and information with the processes and tools that are used to reach your objectives.

Beyond the overarching needs of companies, we also have to appreciate the impact data has on a person’s average workday. We’ve talked to so many people about how they work with data, and the conversations are rarely as staid as you might expect. Not having information when you need it is really painful. Yes, it can result in financial loss, but people want to do well and feel genuinely failed when they get the wrong information or when it arrives too late. They get upset and for good reason — sometimes not having the right info can result and a seriously bad day! Often-times it’s just irritating to get to the information needed. It’s out there, somewhere in the company, but not nearly as accessible as it needs to be for the people who can actually do something with it. Then there are the conversations where people clearly revere their data (yes, I just did that). They are fascinated with the mechanics of the flow of information and how that’s converted into various data products and outcomes. There’s a certain magic to it all.

We care about all of this. We understand the value of good and timely information and really believe in creating a good user experience for every data customer and practitioner.

Our part in this story is to surface perishable insights from your data.

We’ve built the most powerful, lightweight tool for business teams to monitor their data and get information the right person, right when they need it. That means our users get better access to the information they need and with that are able to provide a better experience for their customers.


How we evolved in 2018.

Working with our customers, we’ve made the biggest changes yet to the Revere platform in 2018. We completely rebuilt our app experience from the ground up to make it faster and easier to connect accounts and launch alerts. The strides we made in Revere Essential paved the way for an all-new platform, with greater flexibility and new features made for robust alerting across business teams. Here are just a few features we announced in 2018:

    • Advanced alerting – leverage the power of SQL in new SQL console to create personalized and flexible alerts and reports. Also find new options for alert scheduling and conditions.
    • BYO Data – Revere now connects directly to where your data is stored. And for customers new to centralizing their data, our service arm can help teams of all sizes get started with their own warehouse.
    • Build your data dictionary – through our editable data model, technical team members can customize how their data displays and behaves. We even included calculated fields to help save time when you need custom metrics for your team.
    • Craft your own message – now you can create the message delivered in your alert, along with a custom action link and message routing. This means your team gets the most relevant information, plus additional context, so they’re more easily connected with next steps.


Up next in 2019:

  • More tools to help the whole team build alerts, regardless of their technical ability.
  • Sophisticated delivery features, making it even easier to get relevant alerts to the right people on large or dynamic teams.
  • Better tools to help different team members collaborate around the data according to their role and technical ability.