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Event and performance monitoring for your business data.

We’ve seen data at it’s worst: it starts with complicated tools producing an abundance of data and ends with little insight and adds another job to wade through the details to understand what it all means. Next you’re toggling through multiple screens or waiting on an analyst to run a report, all while the important stuff is passing by.

Sometimes it means you’ve missed an uptick in traffic or let a broken A/B test run on too long, but other times it means you’re missing the massive overspend on your advertising campaign or took 3 days to find the broken link in your email blast.

We’ve all been there, and decided it’s time for a change: real insights for your business apps, delivered as they happen.

In the future, ‘Fast Data’ and ‘actionable data’ will replace big data.

Forbes 2016


Vanessa Krumb

Vanessa Krumb

CEO, Co-Founder

Vanessa studies market, business and people dynamics in the tech industry to move the needle for so many businesses, ranging from early-stage startups through to Fortune 500’s.  Previous: Google, Symantec, and ROI·DNA.
Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton

VP Engineering

Andrew is a seasoned entrepreneur, developer and executive who has led teams building enterprise grade applications in a wide variety of industries including mobile advertising and real estate. Previous: Moasis, RealPage, OneRooftop
Alex Scott

Alex Scott

VP Product, Co-Founder

Background in bringing businesses to market and running product strategy for enterprise and B2B products in fintech and martech. Previous: Citi Ventures, Zestly, MonkeyWorks.


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