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Up to 10 accounts

Connect up to ten advertising and analytics accounts.

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Just a few of our alerts:

google adwords

Weekly conversions declined

Conversions declined relative to previous week.


High spend today

Account spend is high today compared to last 30 days.

google adwords

Expensive keywords without conversions

Keywords that have had a chance to convert but haven’t.


Revenue low yesterday

Overall revenue decreased significantly yesterday relative to last 3 weeks.

optimizely x

Experiment results expected soon

Variations forecasted to have results within 7 days.

bing ads

High account spend yesterday

Unusually high account spend relative to the same day in previous weeks.


Bounce rate high yesterday

Top landing page bounce rate was high yesterday relative to the last 3 weeks.


High cost per conversion yesterday

Account cost per conversion was unusually high yesterday.


Sessions low yesterday

Sessions were low yesterday on a top revenue-driving source-medium.

google adwords

Conservative Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio

Not enough experimentation on new search terms.

optimizely x

Statistical Significance

An experiment variation has reached significance.

bing ads

Low account conversions

Unusually low conversions yesterday.

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