Create your data dictionary

Customize how your data displays, behaves and more with Data Model .

Making data more accessible 

Easily tailor data properties and control how you use data in your alerts.
Included for all connected databases.


Key features

Personalize names & descriptions 

Update long, complex or unclear field names with user-friendly names. For example, update a column from auth.user_id to User ID – and you’ll see your custom name used when building alerts and viewing results. Also, add a description to help your team make sense of data in your tables.

Format your data

Working with data containing dates, currencies or percentages? Adjust how alert results display with preset formatting options. 

Metrics vs dimensions

Choose how data behaves in alerts with changes to Variable Type. Select Metric for quantitative values you would use in calculations, or Dimension for attributes like names, IDs and more. This selection unlocks options for your data when creating alerts!  

Add custom fields 

Create simple or complex calculations with one or more fields in your table to create a new data column. For example, multiply Cost and Quantity to create a Total Cost field for use in your alerts.

Your data is protected: All changes do not alter your underlying database, and are only visible inside of Revere.

Make Revere a crucial part of your data stack:

We believe teams benefit from best-in class tools to translate data into insights. By partnering with leading platforms, Revere becomes a centralized source for intelligence and insight across your business. 

Revere gets relevant information to the right team member, fast.Start your account

Revere gets relevant information to the right team member, fast.
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