Data & Account Security

Here are some of the ways we handle security and
compliance to safeguard your data:

  • Bank-grade encryption. All application requests are sent over HTTPS and encrypted between the client database and our server using bank-grade encryption (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption).
  • Read-only access. Revere needs minimum permissions that allow read access to the data you request to be monitored. These permissions are granted and maintained by your database and under your control.
  • Data storage. Revere stores the minimum data required to build alerts and deliver the results of these alerts.
  • Sensitive information. Information, such as connection data, is not accessible to any third party systems that integrate with Revere.
  • SOC compliance. Revere’s servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which provides assurances for their physical and virtualized environments, including SOC 1, 2 and 3 plus ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Virtual Private Cloud. Our environment operates in an Amazon VPC with subnets segregated by security level and firewalls configured to restrict network access.
  • Security updates. We regularly perform automated vulnerability scans and install security updates and patches.
  • Roles and permissions. Set up user accounts with permissions to provide the right level of access and control. Only the users you invite to your organization will have access to view the results of alerts.
  • Password protection. We don’t allow users to set up common passwords for their accounts or ones that have easily guessed patterns. Passwords are stored with MD5 encryption. We also have mechanisms in place against people or bots trying to break into user accounts.

Important steps you can take to keep your account secure: 

  • Periodically review Revere users and roles
  • Adjust permissions and access in underlying databases for sensitive tables and fields
  • Limit Revere’s access to data that obfuscates or withholds PII (Personally Identifiable Information). You can work with our team to enable additional protections for data containing PII.


We offer additional security features for Revere Plus customers.
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Making Revere a crucial part of your data stack:

We believe teams benefit from best-in class tools to translate data into insights. By partnering with leading platforms, Revere becomes a centralized source for intelligence and insight across your business. 

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Revere gets relevant information to the right team member, fast.
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