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Think big,
stay agile.

Intelligent business alerts that make it easier for big teams to act on the latest information, together.

Revere for Enterprises

Think big,
stay agile.

Intelligent business alerts that make it easier for big teams to act on the latest information, together.

Analysis at scale.

Works with your data

Connect to your existing data warehouse or we’ll help you get one set up.

Deep scanning

Go beneath the surface KPIs and run continuous analysis against the underlying data that your team needs to understand and act on.

Always-on analysis

High velocity analysis and monitoring across your data streams so you won’t miss a thing.

For the whole team

No per-user fees so whether you’re sending notifications to one person or one thousand, it costs the same.

Built for your team.


Automate analysis and communication for the issues that drive your team’s success. Need some inspiration?
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Deliver reports on your schedule or use triggers to define when notifications should be delivered.


Say it your way with custom notification copy and links that connect your team to next steps.

At your service.

Business data expertise

Our team has deep, real-world experience with business data. We know the difference between technically accurate versus relevant and useful analysis.

End-to-end support

We’ll help you identify and build analyses your team needs while making sure you have the right underlying data infrastructure in place.

Data operations

Optional support for ongoing management of the data pipeline and infrastructure behind the Revere analyses. We can also connect you to our network of service and technology partners.

Streamlining reporting and analysis

Companies are using Revere to unburden teams that were constantly checking data, running analysis and providing updates:

Aligning global marketing teams

Agile budget management allows teams to capture to the best possible opportunities while ensuring the whole organization is aligned to business objectives. It requires each team to communicate the latest information plus constant analysis of how each activity is performing. For large teams this process can be complex and tedious.

For one major software brand Revere brings budget gaps and discrepancies to the attention of individual team members and suggests next steps. This means marketers can spend less time doing data entry and analysis, and more time actually marketing. That’s something both the marketing and finance teams appreciate.

Automating tedious reporting

Some issues are important to analyze regularly, like cross-platform campaign spend and overall budget performance. The final reports are straightforward, but require too much manual reporting and number crunching to assemble. There’s a cost to running this analysis in both time and frustration.

One customer needed a solution for daily analysis and monitoring of a complex set of marketing stats across data sources. They use Revere to automate daily reporting and forecasting, saving hundreds of hours of time (and significant levels of frustration) for each team member annually.

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