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When you need to know now.

Data-driven teams count on Revere to surface opportunities, detect problems, and streamline communication around issues that require a response. Here are a few examples of how Revere informs teams faster.


E-commerce teams have to keep track of campaigns, experiments, inventory, and audiences across regions.

A few examples:

  • Get alerts about pages displaying out-of-stock items.
  • Alert the team when a customer segment shows decreased AOV.
  • Find out when funnel performance changes.
  • Monitor changes to inventory performance by region.
  • Send a weekly performance snapshot to the team.


Media teams need to respond fast as new stories gain traction city by city and across the world.

A few examples:

  • Alert reporters to regional content trends.
  • Send a weekly competitive snapshot to outlet teams.
  • Deliver advertiser performance and trends to the ad teams.


Travel teams need to manage listings, campaigns and promotions with that are changing by the minute.

A few examples:

  • Alert the team about property performance changes.
  • Monitor performance targets regionally and alert on significant variance.
  • Alert on surges in location interest.


SAAS vendors need to respond to changes in customer engagement and retention.

A few examples:

  • Monitor and alert on cohort churn patterns.
  • Alert on key account engagement and status.
  • Identify changes to funnel performance.

Find out faster.

Revere is made for data-driven teams that need to respond quickly when a problem or opportunity surfaces. We make it easy to monitor performance and events across the data your business counts on.

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About Revere

Revere monitors business data to detect when something significant is happening that needs a response – and delivers alerts right to your door via Slack and email.

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