This alert helps identify active keywords in your AdWords account that could be driving up account costs unnecessarily. They are contributing to account spend without delivering any conversions.

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More background about the notification:

It makes sense to test a breadth of keywords to identify which will deliver the right value for an account. However, some keywords can end up costing a lot of money without providing any value at all. Sometimes this cost can be overlooked, because it doesn’t cause an obvious change to high level performance. Instead, cost slowly adds up over time and across many keywords. Each individual keyword doesn’t appear to be very expensive, so it’s easy to think that it’s no big deal. But, collectively the cost across those keywords can become significant.

In this alert, we’re not including every keyword with a cost, but rather those which have spent significantly higher than the average cost per conversion for keywords in the account. Based on the numbers alone, the keywords identified seem to have had a good opportunity to perform, but they’ve failed.

If a keyword is identified by the alert, it’s worth checking into whether the match types are allowing for the appropriate level of control over ad delivery, if more negative keywords could be added, or if the bids are appropriate. Ultimately the account strategy should be considered, but this alert provides a quick way to identify keywords that are likely inflating the cost of the account.