Connecting Revere to your Optimizely or Optimizely X Account

Revere connects to your Optimizely and Optimizely X accounts using OAuth, which is just a fancy way of saying that you make a direct connection from Revere to Optimizely and you don’t have to bother with entering API keys.

To get started, select Optimizely or Optimizely X as the service on the Launchpad and click CONNECT.


You will be redirected* to Optimizely to log in. Simply enter your email and password and click Log In.
*Note that if you are already logged in to Optimizely in your current browser you will skip this step. 

Now authorize Revere to connect with Optimizely by clicking Accept.

And that’s it! You will be automatically redirected back to the Revere Launchpad. You will see that you are connected to your Optimizely account when the service says Running and your account number is shown. All projects in your account will now send notifications to Revere.

Verifying your connection in Slack

Take a look in your Slack channel to see your newly connected account.

Connecting to another Optimizely account

You can connect as many Optimizely or Optimizely X accounts as you want to Revere. First make sure that you are logged out of Optimizely in the same browser. Then simply select Optimizely again on the Launchpad and click Connect. You will repeat the steps above for the new Optimizely account.

What’s the difference between Optimizely (Classic) and Optimizely X?

Optimizely X is a multi-channel experimentation platform that allows you to deliver experiences on any device with an internet connection. Optimizely X combines features from Optimizely Classic with new capabilities. If you’re using Optimizely Classic, you can enable Optimizely X in any project by making one simple change in your Project Settings.

You can compare both versions here.


Questions or have a request about the Optimizely integration? Contact us anytime!