Connecting to Slack

To get started provide your name and email address and click Sign Up with Slack. You will need a Slack account to use Revere.

Select your delivery channel and sign in to Slack.

Select a Slack channel to send notifications to and authorize Revere to post to Slack. All of your notifications for connected accounts will initially go to a single default Slack channel that you have selected.

Connecting your accounts

Once you have authorized Slack and selected a channel to post to you will see the Service Launchpad. Select a service and click Connect.


You will then be asked to log in to the service you are connecting to. Let’s start with Optimizely.

Next, authorize Revere to connect to the service.

Back at the Launchpad, you can see your first connected account. You can add as many as you want. Just click Connect and sign in to the new service with another account.

Verifying set up in Slack

We have liftoff! Now go to your selected Slack channel and you will see confirmation that your notifications are now available in Slack! Your first account notifications will show up shortly.

Sit back and relax. Revere will make sure you and your team are notified about the important stuff.