Connecting accounts

The Launchpad is the place to connect and manage all of your monitored accounts. To enable a new account click Connect on the service of your choice.


Next, you’ll need to login with your app credentials and approve the connection.

Once you connect your account you will see that notifications are active for that when the button says Running. You will see the number of checks (alerts) running for this account and your account number for reference.

Pausing Alerts

Depending on the size and characteristics of your account, some alerts and notifications may not be as relevant. You can control which checks run (alerts are sent) by setting the toggle on your account configuration:

Deleting your integration account

If you no longer want to monitor and receive alerts on your account, you may disconnect from the account configuration screen. Note that if you want to monitor the account again, you’ll have to reconnect from the Launchpad.


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