Staying on top of your Optimizely and Optimizely X experiments is critical for their success. Revere will remind you about your Optimizely accounts being monitored and help you know when a particular experiment needs attention. Revere will alert you about the following:

  • Daily activity summary
  • A variation hasn’t had any visitors in 24 hours

Daily Summary

This daily summary reminds you that Revere is hard at work keeping an eye on your Optimizely account. The alert is delivered once a day in the morning and lets you know how many accounts were monitored and how many alerts were sent in the last 24 hours. If there is a high number of alerts you may have an issue that needs urgent attention.

No Visitors in Last 24 Hours

If one of your variations is running, but hasn’t had any visitors in the last 24 hours Revere will let you know. The alert includes the names of the variation and experiment, along with a link to login to your Optimizely account so you can check it out.

Experiment Status has changed

Be alerted when your experiment starts, is paused or archived. Easily communicate with your team when experiments are run and stopped, and jump right into experiment results from Slack.

Reaching Statistical Significance

We’ll let you know when your experiment variations have reached statistical significance and can be analyzed.