Since we launched in 2016, we’ve been adding new features and integrations to our platform – in collaboration with feedback from great teams relying on Revere for easy access to their marketing accounts.

This week we are rolling out an entirely new experience to all Revere customers, redesigned to make it faster than ever to connect and monitor your accounts.

This new version of our Revere platform makes it easier to get to the details you need and paves the way for many upcoming new features. As of today we’re introducing a couple new features we think you’ll love:

Review alerts easily with the new Account Overview

Now you can easily track all of the alerts your accounts triggered over the last month without hunting through Slack threads or your email inbox. The new Account Overview page can help you:

  • See high level metrics for your accounts at a glance, all under one roof
  • Monitor alerts over time to gauge your account health
  • Find past alerts quickly and easily
  • Easy access to adjust your alerts and delivery channel for your account

Access the new account overview for each account you have connected straight from your Launchpad.

Easily share insights with your team

The best marketing insights should be easy to share with others. Revere makes it easier to collaborate by including unlimited team members. Team members can view the alerts your accounts receive, but can also add their own connections and choose which alerts are enabled for them. Learn more about adding team members here.

Check up on the go

Our new platform is optimized for mobile access – whether you’re logging in to add a new Adwords account or check out a recent alert, you’ll have easy access from any mobile browser.

Am I using the right version of Revere?

We’ve expanded to provide more options for marketing teams of all sizes, from solo-practitioners and consultants to large businesses. See Revere Enterprise.

Revere Essential: always free, and is a great way to monitor your campaigns whether you’re an expert marketer or an expert in training.

Revere Enterprise: Revere Enterprise is our more flexible offering, and includes completely custom alerts and reports designed specifically for your team. Learn more about Revere Enterprise.

We want to hear from you!

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